Leybold Product Portfolio and the ECODRY Plus

The ECODRY plus is a newly developed family of dry-compression multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps, which sets new standards in noise reduction. The pumps have been specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments, such as analysis and research laboratories. In ECODRY plus, there are eight pump chambers in succession along the same axis. The [...]

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VARODRY – for demanding industrial applications

Short, reliable and clean production processes are more important than ever for the increasingly digital and globally active value chains, in addition to highquality results. Vacuum technology provides a significant contribution to meeting these requirements. The vacuum pioneer Leybold has designed the new VARODRY vacuum pump series for efficient industrial vacuum processes. The oil-free VARODRY [...]

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Leybold Precision meets Service at the Optatec

May 8th, 2018 – Precision and speed are some of the most important features in optical coating. Modern vacuum solutions are a crucial part for the success and economic viability of manufacturing processes and analysis. Apart from vacuum components and systems, on-time service and after-sales performance influence the decision for the installment of optimized fore [...]

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John Campion, Coolvac Pty Ltd.

Being novices in the blog department, we will get to adding our Coolvac Facebook page to the site but in the meantime the following comments are an accumulation of 40 years in the industry. Hopefully passing on these comments will assist all kinds of refrigeration engineers irrespective of their experience to borrow from our time [...]

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Leak Testing Based on Overpressure Methods.

Overpressure Methods The equipment to be tested is pressurized with a gas, search gas, or a search gas mixture. Between the two methods there exist many variations depending on the particular application. Pressure Drop Method. The test object is filled with a gas (for example air or nitrogen) until the testing pressure is reached. Precision [...]

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