Leybold Product Portfolio and the ECODRY Plus

The ECODRY plus is a newly developed family of dry-compression multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps, which sets new standards in noise
reduction. The pumps have been specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments, such as analysis and research laboratories.

In ECODRY plus, there are eight pump chambers in succession along the same axis. The outlet apertures are connected to the respective intake aperture of the ensuing chamber via channels in the pump housing. The pump’s operating range extends from the medium vacuum range to ambient pressure. Short channels between the compression stages, combined with a high rotational speed of 12,600 rpm, make a compact construction with simultaneously high suction capacity possible. Lubrication takes place only in the shaft bearing regions. These are
separated from the suction chamber by means of a wear-free sealing system, that no lubricant can find its way into the suction chamber or into the vacuum chamber.

Maintenance-free operation means ECODRY plus features a friction-free operating principle, so their components are not exposed to wear in any way. The ECODRY plus’s shaft bearings are designed for up to five years’ operation. Maintenance measures such replacing seals or changing the oil are not required during that time.

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