Leybold UNIVEX project for a space simulation chamber in Spain

Prior to sending satellite components to space, they have to undergo a thorough testing. This is because even minor parts can bring a long-term project to strand if they fail in mission. In order to minimize the probability of losses objects tested in realistic environment for an extended period (up to three month). Typical conditions are vacuum levels of 10-05 mbar and adjustable temperatures in the range of -80°C to + 150°C. Successful UNIVEX project for a space simulation chamber in Spain

The Leybold Systems team has developed, manufactured and tested a corresponding test chamber for a customer in Spain. The successful factory acceptance test of our UNIVEX 1200 S TC (S is standing for Space, TC is standing for Thermal Chamber) was conducted in our Cologne facilities in June 2018.

The UNIVEX1200 S TC mainly consists of a cylindrical vacuum chamber with a diameter of 1200 mm and a depth of about 1000 mm. Inside the chamber there is a slide-out tempering table for placing the specimen and a radiation shield. Both are tempered by means of an individual thermal-unit; silicon oil is used as a heat transfer media. For reaching the required vacuum level, a MAGW1300iP is working together with our ECODRY 65 Plus. The UNIVEX1200 S TC can be operated in local mode from our systems PLC (touch panel) and the operating panels of the thermal units. However, in daily business the customer will use a network-connection to start/stop and monitor the system.

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